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The Mission

The mission of The Book Nerd is to provide an opportunity to read a variety of books, socialize, and develop a sense of community. Members are welcomed with open hearts and open minds as we discuss book themes and develop lifelong friendships.

The Founder

The Book Nerd is founded by Ashley Trevillyan - A mother, wife, and educator that loves to read and wanted to share the joy of reading with others in her community. The Book Nerd began as a small gathering of friends and family and has grown to a small community of avid readers. The hopes and dreams for The Book Nerd is to continue to expand our memberships reach with each passing year.

Book Club Picks

Each month, The Book Nerd founder will curate three books for members to vote on. The vote is tallied at the end of the month and the next month's Book Club Pick is then announced on the first of the month. Members will read the book independently in whatever way works best for them (audio, physical, or digital). 

Where to Get the Books

If you prefer a physical book, many can be found used on websites like Amazon or Thrift Books. Sometimes a trip to your local bookstore or Library can be fun as well. However, if you are an avid reader and do not mind reading digitally or listening to audiobooks, it may be worthwhile to purchase a subscription service such as Kindle Unlimited or Audible.

Alternatives to Purchasing Books

Libby is a wonderful app that connects to your local Library Card and allows you to check out books and audiobooks to read or listen to on your mobile or tablet device for free. Most of the books we select can be found here. If not, many members are willing to share their copies of books not found on the Libby app. 

Galley or Proof Books

Ever so often, The Book Nerd will have opportunities to review a Galley/Proof Copy of a book by new and renowned authors. These books are special editions that often identify the book as a "proof copy" or "unedited manuscript." These books are free and come as physical books and digital books as well. In order to maintain a positive relationship with the publisher, members who wish to participate are required to write a quick review and must commit to reading the book. This is an optional special feature of the The Book Nerd.

Monthly Live & Virtual Events

The most exciting benefit of becoming a member is joining in on the social fun to be had at each of our monthly live and virtual events. Every event includes a discussion of the Book Club Pick and a fun event often themed with the book. Members are encouraged to attend whether they have read the book or not. Past events have included paint nights, restaurant get togethers, member-hosted gatherings, themed parties, escape rooms, spa days, and more! 

New! Special Events

New to The Book Nerd will be the following annual ticketed events:

  • Holiday Gala - Dress up in formal wear with your significant other and kids to celebrate Christmas & the New Year with our family friendly Holiday Gala.

  • Galentines - In honor of Valentines Day, join us on a Girls Night Out. Fun for both the single and married members of our club to spice up the month of love.

  • Haunted House - The whole family is invited to celebrate Halloween. Come dressed in a costume to receive a treat bag. Decorate your trunk for the kids to Trunk or Treat and enjoy family friendly games.

  • Annual Membership

    Every year
     365 day free trial