The Book Nerd


I am Ashley Trevillyan, the founder of The Book Nerd. I love to read, but reading isn't a very social hobby. It can get a bit lonely. I thought it would be wonderful if readers all over the world could get together and share in a great book. From that thought, The Book Nerd has grown. We now have member chapters in California, Idaho, New York, and Missouri. We have connected with authors and reviewed their upcoming books before they were released to the general public. We have hosted numerous events and we hope to continue to grow. Join us on our adventure and help support a small business. 


The Book Club


The Book Club is where members gain access to discussion forums, events, and exclusive opportunities to interact with authors and get free copies of pre-sale books or e-books from publishers. Each month, a new book is chosen for members to read. As new members join, new chapters are formed. The chapters have a nominated member as their "host." The host, with support and help from the founder of The Book Club, gathers members from their area and plans events to discuss the book of the month. The host also receives the shipments of the free books and ensures delivery to each chapter member. Members pay only the shipping cost divided amongst the number of members in the chapter; the more members in a chapter, the less cost for shipping. Membership dues are only $20 and paid annually on your membership anniversary (I.E. If you join on January 1, 2020 your next payment is due on January 1, 2021). For less than the cost of a trip to the movie theaters, you get an entire year worth of entertainment and priceless friendships.


The Events


Book Club Chapters are encouraged to gather their local members and meet up once a month to discuss the book and socialize with each other. We encourage members to support small businesses in their community by hosting their events at locally owned restaurants, small business events (such as craft shows, book signings, fairs, etc), and libraries. Active Chapters may purchase a Book Club t-shirt at cost to help members to find each other quickly in public places. Chapter Hosts are given promotional supplies to help spread the word and grow their chapter.

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