Before She Knew Him

Updated: Mar 22

The Book Club - June 2019 Pick

Author: Peter Swanson

Page Count: 309

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The Plot

Hen and her husband are settling into a quiet neighborhood. Hen suffers from anxiety and depression. She struggles to keep her fears tamed when she suspects her neighbor is a killer.

Book Quote

"They had a secret, the two of them, and there was no better way to start a friendship than with a secret."


Hen has a troubled past which makes her judgement questionable. Hen's husband, Lloyd is a bland character and seems only to play the role of her overbearing caretaker. Then, you meet the neighbors and you start to wonder is Hen paranoid or is her neighbor really a killer?


Takes a bit for the story to pick up and like many thrillers, the suspense is built by layering the backstory and just enough clues to get you started on guessing how the story will play out. The plot twist isn't too predictable so you may be truly surprised with the ending.


Similar to most suspense building thrillers with bread crumb clues that either foreshadow events to come or lead you down a misleading trail to keep you guessing.

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