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Author: Tara Westover

Page Count: 334

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Daughter of a survivalist mormon father and naturalist mother, Tara was seventeen before she ever stepped foot into a classroom. As she navigates the world outside of her reclusive upbringing she struggles to bring her two worlds together to form a sense of self.

Tara describes the members of her family - her father, mother, and brothers - through a series of memories. Additionally there are supporting characters that helped her to reconcile the old self with the new self in her journey to self discovery.

“My life was narrated for me by others. Their voices were forceful, emphatic, absolute. It had never occurred to me that my voice might be as strong as theirs.”

This is not a quick read and there are moments that can be pretty dry while other scenes rip your heart out. Just as you might be thinking the story line is drying up, a new memory is drudged up to peak your interest and keep you going. Educated is written in a typical memoir style with formalized stream of thought. At times it can be challenging to keep a timeline straight as she jumps from her youth to her young adult experiences and back again.

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Ashley Trevillyan

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