Blood Sisters

Updated: Mar 1

Author: Jane Corry

Page Count: 352

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Three young girls lives are forever changed one fateful day walking home from school. Fifteen years later the past comes back to haunt two of the survivors of that day. Some seeking healing and forgiveness while some just want revenge.

"They had a bond that should never have been broken."

Alison has a soul filled with guilt and emotional wounds that refuse to heal. On the outside she is coping but on the inside she is filled with turmoil and struggling to keep it all together. Kitty brings humor and a streak of juvenile defiance. She's a bit of a troublemaker and her jealousy drives her into making big messes of things. Deep beneath the surface, however, she too is struggling; desperate to bring back memories clouded in her minds eye.

Terrifically fast paced. You'll dive right in and won't be able to find a good stopping point. Easy to read with a straight forward plot and suspenseful twists to keep you interested to the end. Typical psychological thriller style. No complex plot lines or challenging narratives. Simple easy to read narrative. The twists and turns are somewhat predictable but a few good story elements keep you guessing to the end.

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Ashley Trevillyan

The Book Nerd

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