Goodreads Challenge - 2019

Each year I set a Goodreads Challenge Goal. For 2019, I set a reading goal of 100 books in a year which included audiobooks, digital books, and physical books. Sometimes I reach my goal and other times my goal post seems to keep moving further out of reach! This year I felt pretty darn accomplished when I not only reached my goal, but exceeded it.

Setting reading goals can help motivate you to keep reading even when you may not feel up to it. Life can get overwhelming and we have a tendency to put aside the things that make us happy for the things that seem more important in the moment. However, it is important to put yourself first too! Taking a little bit of time away from those super-duper important priorities can actually help you reduce stress and in turn increase your productivity.

Want to reflect back on your reading from 2019? Take a moment to think about the books you have read and share with me on social media your favorites from the year. Be sure to tag me on instagram (@the.b00k.nerd) or on Facebook (@thebooknerd). I'd love to hear how your year has been and discover new books I may just want to add to my 2020 TBR (to be read) list.

Feel free to steal this cute info-graphic below:

I hope this year has brought you great memories and that your membership with The Book Nerd has given you joy and a renewed passion for reading.

As I reflect back on the year I am thankful for the fun events where we got the opportunity to support small businesses like Lemon Leaf Cafe, Moessner Farms, and Khonen's Country Bakery. Our conversations and newfound friendships with author's Cara Achterberg and Nan Rossiter are some of the greatest highlights of 2019.

I want to thank our members for their commitment to The Book Nerd and for showing up to our monthly events with enthusiasm for the books we have read throughout the year. It truly is a blessing to have these opportunities to connect and share in the love of reading.

Happy Reading,

Ashley Trevillyan

The Book Nerd

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