Goodreads Challenge 2020

Yay! It is that time of year again when I reflect back on my Goodreads Challenge Goal. For 2020, I set a reading goal of only 60 books in a year which included audiobooks, digital books, and physical books. My goal definitely seemed to keep moving further out of reach this year! Between the pandemic hitting and transitioning into a new teaching role/work from home position, things were a little wonky and distracting.

I still believe setting reading goals can help motivate you to keep reading even when you may not feel up to it. Life did get overwhelming and I absolutely had the tendency to put aside the things that made me happy for the things that seemed more important in the moment. However, I still found little slivers of time to enjoy reading. Whether it was in the bathtub, on a camping trip, driving while listening to audiobooks, or in the waiting room of a doctors office.

It is your turn to stop and reflect on the books you have read in 2020. Take a moment and think of the genres listed in the cute info-graphic to the left. Which were your favorites? How many books did you accomplish reading this year despite all the craziness going on in our world this year.

Now go ahead, I know you want to steal the amazing info-graphic. Below is the blank version so you can fill it in with your info.

I know this year has been rough for everyone. The pandemic has thrown us all into a tailspin and we are still playing catch-up. Many of you are juggling the new "normal" of having to homeschool your children, work from home or risk your health having to go into work while wearing those awe-fully annoying masks. You may have loved ones that have caught COVID-19 or you might have even come down with it yourself. Through it all, I'm grateful we have had each other to lean on.

As I reflect back on the year I am thankful for the zoom meetings... even the one with the creepy potty mouthed man we had to give the boot to. (Lesson learned - do not share your zoom link in a private FB group!) I am grateful for the continued friendships and the new author's who have generously donated their time to meet with me and discuss their books and seek out our feedback.

Here's to hoping 2021 is WAY better than the last.

Happy Reading,

Ashley Trevillyan

The Book Nerd

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