In An Instant

Updated: Mar 1

Author: Suzanne Redfearn

Pages: 326


It only takes an instant for the Miller Family and their friends lives to be changed forever. This thriller is such a unique story with an unlikely narrative perspective. A fateful accident has everyone questioning each others character and motives when their lives are in peril.

Finn watches as her loved ones lives are shattered. She sees everyone in a new light. Her father and mother’s marital problems, her sisters struggle with depression, her brother’s inability to communicate, and her ”aunt” and ”uncle” selfishness.

In An Instant will keep you turning the pages in hopes that the shattered lives can be put back together. It will pull on your heartstrings, play on your fears, and capture your full attention. Starts out a little slow at first but quickly picks up pace just a few chapters in. The characters seem a tad flat at first but don’t let it fool you, they will become rich with emotion shortly into the story plot.

The book is available free if you have Amazon Unlimited. You can also borrow the book on the app Libby using your library card.

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Ashley Trevillyan

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