My Husband's Wife

Updated: Mar 1

Author: Jane Corry

Page Count: 384

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Lilly is a young lawyer who is determined to make a fresh start with her new husband Ed. She takes on her first murder case where she meets the convicted murderer, Joe. She is oddly attracted to him and finds herself taking great risks on his behalf.

“It occurred to me then, as it occurs to me frequently, that one never really knows a person properly. Especially ourselves.”

Next door to Lilly, lives nine-year old Carla and her mother. The little girls life story entwines with Lilly & Ed's stories and a chain of events is set into motion that leads the reader in a thriller that gives power to secrets.

But that’s the problem with lies. As I said at the beginning, they start small. And then they multiply. So that the white lies become as black as the real thing.

Lilly is a difficult character to empathize with as she comes off a bit flat and careless. Her husband Ed seems to have more depth but unfortunately he remains only a side note to the story line. Joe's character will truly make your spine tingle and have you watching your back or feeling a tad bit paranoid. The winning character in this novel, however, is most definitely Carla. She captivates the reader with her complex, emotional internal dialogue.

The beginning of the story has you wondering how it could possible be a thriller. It doesn't pick up in the heat of things but rather you must read quite a ways before getting to the good stuff. However, once you start to unravel the dark pasts, you will soon find that you are knee deep in the plot with no desire to turn back or put it down.

The narrative can at times be challenging to follow as it reads both from the perspective of Lilly and Carla. Several flashbacks are used as well as foreshadowing that help throw you off the scent and get distracted just long enough to keep the suspense going.

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