Never Have I Ever

Updated: Mar 22

The Book Club - August 2019 Pick

Author: Joshilyn Jackson

Page Count: 352

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The Plot

Amy has started a new life. She's has a wonderful relationship with her husband, step-daughter, and son. However, one fated night, one fated encounter threatens to expose all the skeletons in her closet and destroy the life she has created.

Book Quote

"People say, I don’t know how she lives with herself, but every single one of them was living with their own worst thing, just fine. No one walks around holding their ugliest sin in the palm of their hand, staring at it."


Amy is a scuba instructor and does all she can to lead a normal life and support her best friend Charlotte. Roux is a wildcard that threatens to upend the lives of anyone she crosses.


The secrets that Amy is hiding drive the plot and at times you may feel like a chapter is not progressing the plot. However, as you push through you'll soon find that each chapter holds a hidden clue. By the end, you may even want to re-read it just to see what clues you missed.


A thriller that plays on morals and ethics. Lots of bread crumbs and misleading clues that help keep you guessing how it will all play out.

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