Redeeming Love

Updated: Mar 1

Author: Francine Rivers

Page Count: 479

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Taking place in the 1850s, Angel, unable to find hope in a world of evil, has resolved herself to live a life of prostitution after being sold into the profession as a child. Michael Hosea has other plans; plans to save her.

"You are free, you just don't know it yet."

Angel has trust issues like no other. She has built a wall so high, it would take God to break it down. Michael Hosea has the patience of a saint and the backing of God to do just that. Together the two characters take you through the ups and downs of forgiveness and healing. Each supporting character is introduced at just the right moment to help further the message of redemption and love.

A very easy book to get lost in. You will not want to put it down and are likely to finish in one sitting - sans any real life responsibilities getting in the way! Each page builds on the plot and no words are waisted on fluff.

Although written in a romance style, the story has such depth and deeper meaning. It is not a fluff romance or erotica romance in any way. The characters are well developed, the relationships are relatable and sincere. I could, however, see how some might find the dialogue conservative and more biblical than matching the historical dialect of the 1850s.

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Ashley Trevillyan

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