Promises of the Heart

Updated: Mar 22

The Book Club - November 2019 Pick

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Author: Nan Rossiter

Page Count: 356

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The Plot

A couple struggles to start a family. A dog looses more than just his home. A girl faces the challenges of being in the unforgiving foster system. Each faces new obstacles in their faith and understanding which helps to bring them together in a special way.

Book Quote

"This poor little girl-who has nothing and no one - is still willing to give what she can. She might be a scrappy, foul-mouthed tomboy on the outside, but inside, she has a good heart."


Ben and Macey have been struggling with infertility but don't want to adopt. Harper is in the foster system and has trouble being placed. Ben, Macey, and Harper are all brought together by Keeper, a three legged dog.


You'll be hooked by the first chapter. The story hits the ground running and you won't want to put it down until you finish the last page. There isn't a slow moment in the story line. Every chapter holds your attention.


A heartwarming story with crushing emotions. I wouldn't be surprised if they turned it into a lifetime or hallmark movie.

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