The 5th Avenue Story Society

Author: Rachel Hauk

Pages: 402

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Five strangers receive a mysterious invitation to the 5th Avenue Story Society. Each thinks it is a practical joke and nearly decide to not attend but loneliness and curiosity get the best of them. Each characters background unfolds as strong bonds of friendship are formed.

This is a heartwarming easy read with relatable characters and a plausible plot. Lexa is a hard working executive assistant. Jett is a literature professor. Chuck is an Uber driver. Ed is an elderly man and Coral is queen of the cosmetic industry. They couldn't be more unlike each other yet they find they have more in common than they anticipated.

This isn't a blow you away book but it is a feel good, lift you up kind of read that will keep you entertained. You can find the book on Amazon Unlimited, Libby, and Audible.

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