The Book of Rosy

Updated: Mar 1

Author: Rosayra Pablo Cruz & Julie Schwietert Collazo

Page Count: 256

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This is the story of an illegal immigrant from Guatemala and her multiple passages into the United States to seek asylum. Rosy tells the story of fleeing the violence and gangs in Guatemala in hopes of a better life in the United States.

Dependent on your political beliefs you will have two impressions of Rosy. If you are against the "zero tolerance" policy enacted by the Department of Homeland Security you will likely sympathize with Rosy as she details the multiple attempts to illegally enter the United States to seek refuge. However, if you support the "zero tolerance" policy, you may have difficulty understanding her means.

"Among the many things that people don't understand about migration is this: No one wants to leave the people they love. Most people don't want to leave the land where they were born, or the soil where their umbilical cord was buried. If they believed that staying would ensure survival, they would never set off on such a treacherous journey.”

No matter your political point of view, everyone can sympathize with Rosy when it comes to her children. Having to be separated from her children in multiple instances makes any mother's heart hurt. One can also sympathize with the fear and trauma that Rosy and her children endured on their journey out of Guatemala and into the United States.

The staccato pacing makes the read a bit challenging. Many of the details are disconnected or chronologically misplaced making it difficult for the reader to follow. There are moments where you are entranced and moments where you struggle to get through the paragraph.

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