The Jetsetters

Updated: Mar 1

Author: Amanda Eyre Ward

Page Count: 352

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Board the Splendido Marveloso cruise ship with seventy-year old Charlotte Perkins and her dysfunctionally estranged children. Wickedly funny yet pragmatically honest and candid about the inner workings of self esteem.

"This was one of the pleasures of recovery: you opened the door to the pain and gnawing tedium, but joy came in as well. All of it, all of it, brilliant and clean and true."

Charlotte submits a sexy essay to the "Become a Jetsetter" contest and wins! In an effort to reunite her estranged children, she invites Lee, Cord, and Regan along for the adventure of a lifetime. Lee is an almost-famous actress that is down on her luck in both the love and career departments. Cord is a venture capitalist seeking love and acceptance. Regan is a haggard mother that has lost her spark and perhaps her marriage. The humorously disastrous adventure forces them all to come together and help one another.

Each character has qualities about them that make you love them but I'd have to choose Lee as my underdog that you secretly keep rooting along. She brings deprecating humor to the story with her misadventures and carelessness. Cord somewhat goes unnoticed with a more pleasing nature. Regan might irritate the reader but as you learn more about her struggles you find yourself having more patience for her.

The narrative jumps from one characters perspective to the next but in an easy to follow manner. Each narrator has a unique voice and once you learn the personality of the character it becomes even easier to follow. Not a difficult read, and likely one you could accomplish in just a few sittings.

Happy Reading,

Ashley Trevillyan

The Book Nerd

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