The Last Blue

Updated: Mar 1

Author: Isla Morley

Page Count: 336

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In the recesses of Appalachia, two government-sponsored documentarians from Cincinnati, Ohio - a writer and a photographer - are sent out to record what they find for President Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration. Clay Havens hopes the assignment will boost his withering photography career and is eager to defy the warnings to stay away from Spooklight Holler.

Upon arriving in the small isolated woodsy area of Spooklight Holler in eastern Kentucky, Clay meets Jubilee Buford with skin the a shocking, unmistakable shade of blue. The Last Blue is a mesmerizing story of betrayal, prejudice, fear, and guilt that will break your heart.

".. people who labor sun-up to sun-down, you'd think they would be nothing more than a summation of their functions, but even in this small task is affection. Filled with secrets and longings, they cast shadows more graceful than celestial beings.."

Isla Morley writes breathtakingly beautiful words on the pages of this novel... It reads like poetry but with an ease of comprehension. The characters draw you in and the setting transports you into the pages of the book. You will not want to speed read this book; you will want to experience it. Best read in a relaxing and comfy chair - you won't want to stop.

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Ashley Trevillyan

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