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Updated: May 2

Virtual Event - May 29, 2021

For our virtual event, Members will be guided in an at home Relaxation Session for our virtual event. Gather the following supplies before the meeting (many of which you probably already have in your home).

  1. Yoga Mat or Towels

  2. Scented Candle or Essential Oils

  3. Herbal Tea or Cucumber Water

  4. Neck Warmer or Warm Washcloth

Turn the lights down low, light a scented candle or use your favorite essential oil, pop a wet washcloth into the microwave before joining us as we lay or sit on our yoga mat for a quit 5 minute mediation at the start of the meeting with calming musical tones to help relax the mind and body.

Try this pose during this 5 minute sound healing mediation to alleviate lower back pain, shoulder/neck tension, stress, and anxiety...

Use a rolled up towel or yoga block under your hips to elevate your mid section. Place your legs at a 90 degree angel on a chair or couch. Put another rolled up towel or pillow under your neck. Place your arms out to the side with your palms facing upward. Take deep breaths in through your nose and slowly release the breath as though you are pushing the air out through a straw. Imagine each breath as a flower or bird closing up as you breath out and opening up as you breath in.

Next, we move into a guided 20 minute yoga stretching session. Yoga is known to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. It relieves back pain, arthritis symptoms, and improves mental health. It is even helpful with improving your metabolism and managing weight. Yoga is a low impact exercise that can be modified to work for any fitness level. As we hold each yoga pose, we will discuss the May Book Club Pick, The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner.

RSVP to the Monthly Meetings - The Lost Apothecary Virtual Event to receive the Video Conference Link via email.

Live Event - June 5, 2021

Boy, do we have an exciting live event planned for our May Book Club Pick, The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner.

Join us at our Live Event for a little apothecary self care at Santa Barbara Salt Caves. Our tentative date is Saturday, June 5th. Space is available for up to 7 members to join us. The cost of this event is $395.00 before taxes (Approx. $60 per person if 7 people attend). Relax and enjoy this unique experience as we discuss the book.

The treatment includes 60 minutes in the rejuvenating Salt Cave. The air in the caves is infused with micro-salt particles that impart a therapeutic benefit when inhaled. Halotherapy, simply breathing in air saturated with salt particles, is known to be a natural and effective way to improve respiratory health. A perfect place to escape, heal your body and refresh your mind. This is a private event for our Book Club so no members of the public will be sharing our "Salt Cave."

If you would like to spend a little extra, you can add on a Mini Facial for $35, a chair massage for $25, and/or a tea bar for $15 per person. Additionally there is a cute little gift shop where you can browse an assortment of healing apothecaries for your home such as aromatherapies, candles, scrubs, face masks, soaps and much more.

In order to best plan for this event, members must RSVP and purchase the $60 Event Ticket. Event tickets will be used to reimburse the total cost for our private event. Event tickets can be purchased with a debit, credit, or PayPal on the Monthly Meetings - The Lost Apothecary Live Event RSVP.

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