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Updated: Mar 1

Author: Francine Rivers

Page Count: 304

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This Christian Romance novel is about a successful artist, Roman Velasco and his reluctant, newly hired personal assistant, Grace Moore. Both wrestle with the demons of their past until something unexpected happens to change their paths in all the right ways.

I picked this novel as our January Book Club Pick because I loved the message of forgiveness and redemption that is weaved throughout the story. It's hard to forgive and even harder to forgive yourself. We all have demons from our past that haunt us and we can choose to either let those demons set our paths for us or we can choose redemption. To grow and move onward in a path we choose rather than one that is chosen for us. As we enter into a new year, let us be inspired to add a little forgiveness into our hearts so that we may find more light and joy in a new, hopefully redeeming year.

In honor of the books character, Roman, we will be bringing the book to life with a canvas "Angel Wings" paint session while we discuss the book. Be sure to come prepared to the meeting with a blank canvas, white paint, a background color of your choice, and paint brushes (small (detail), medium (fill), and large (background) brush). Optionally, if you would like to add some glitter details to your angel wings, you will need glitter, modge-podge, and an acrylic setting spray/sealant. I will be making a template of a single set of wings or a double set of wings for anyone that would like to use it.

I look forward to kicking off the New Year with all of you,

Ashley Trevillyan

The Book Nerd

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