The Storyteller

Author: Jodi Picoult

Pages: 529

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If you are a fan of historical fiction about the Holocaust or a fan of reading novels about a heroin that is discovering her value through life's trials then this might be the book for you. This novel is well written with parallel story structures, multiple points of view narration, and strong characters with breadcrumb trails (no pun intended) that guide you towards each characters hidden identities.

The novel does have a few slow dips but about a quarter of the way in you will start to get hooked and want to know how each characters story will unfold. You'll find your loyalty to the characters torn and the boundaries of right versus wrong becoming increasingly blurry.

This is not a light read, nor a quick read so I recommend you begin as soon as possible in order to get it read within the months timeline.

For this month's event, I have reached out to the Museum of Tolerance hoping to schedule a virtual visit to the museum. They are currently closed to the public so this is a long-shot but worth a try. It is also dependent on cost and availability of dates. As for our in person event, I was thinking a bakery would be a good idea. I know we have already done Kohnen's Kitchen so if you can think of another fun bakery - perhaps one that serves Jewish breads that would be a fun take on the book as well. Leave a comment if you have suggestions or ideas for this month's virtual or in-person events.

Happy Reading,

Ashley Trevillyan

The Book Nerd

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