The Violets of March

Updated: Mar 1

Author: Sarah Jio

Page Count: 296

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While staying at her great-aunt's home on Bainbridge Island, Emily discovers a velvet diary dated 1943. The diary and its contents link two generations together in a tale of romance and broken dreams.

Emily, the main character of the story, is relatable but average. Aunt Bee, however, steals the show. She is a vivacious elderly woman who knows just what to do to get Emily away from sulking and on the path towards healing. The supporting characters, Evelyn, Esther, Greg, and Jack all help weave the story lines together in a complex but never complicated manner.

“Great love endures time, heartache, and distance. And even when all seems lost, true love lives on”

You can easily read this in a single sitting. It grips you from the start and keeps you going to the end. There are multiple stories, multiple characters, and multiple timelines yet the author does it with easy flare. You'll have no trouble keeping track of what is transpiring or when it is taking place. Unlike other parallel structure story plots, this one is done with grace and an uncharacteristically smooth application.

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Ashley Trevillyan

The Book Nerd

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