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Updated: Mar 1

Author: Chandler Baker

Page Count: 352

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Four very different women in a large corporation cataclysmically change the workplace, in the style of the Me Too Movement, following the death of the companies CEO in a who-done-it mystery.

"If only you had listened to us, none of this would have happened."

Sloan, Ardie, Grace, and Rosalita are all very different but they all share complicated experiences with Ames, their boss. At times, the characters backstories and connections to each other are difficult to keep track and muddle your understanding. Sloan's deprecating tone can distract from the underlying issue and make you feel less sympathetic to the motives. However, if you can keep pushing through the beginning chapters, it unravels towards the end and all the confusion seems to lift unexpectedly as the truths come out.

The story begins as a twisted knot which slows the pace to a near crawl. Often having to go back and re-read a section to see if some detail was missed that would help make the story more clear only to return to the last page no more the clearer. However, about a third of the way through the book the pace picks up to a hustle and suddenly, without even realizing it, the twisted knot is unraveled and the story plot becomes clear.

If you like a single narrative with no change in timeline, this is not going to be your favorite style. The narrative bounces between each of the four characters along with excerpts from an investigation. It can be confusing and difficult to follow. One needs to simply just keep pushing forward for it to become less confusing and to adjust to the style.

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Ashley Trevillyan

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